Five Fists Of Science. Matt Fraction, Steven Sanders

Five Fists Of Science

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Five Fists Of Science Matt Fraction, Steven Sanders
Publisher: Image Comics

€�Not long ago, I picked up (the graphic novel) The Five Fists of Science, all about Nikola Tesla and Mark Twain battling the evil Thomas Edison,” Flickenger says. The Five Fists Of Science (PDF). No 'The Five Fists of Science' by Matt Fraction and Steven Sanders? Five Fists of Science is a steampunk/historical fiction piece that involves Mark Twain, Nikola Tesla and Bertha von Suttner battling to keep the world safe through whatever means necessary. Five Fists of Science falls into the second category. As a "Twainie", I approached Five Fists of Science with much interest, a dash of excitement and just a wee dram of dread. The Five Fists of Science (graphic novel) By Matt Fraction and Steven Sanders Published: 2006. Wynn, author of Pink Carbide, Cygnus War, Beyond Oblivion and a Modern Creative Writer's Workbook. Cool teaser of a graphic novel with Nicolai Tesla and Mark Twain joining forces to fight evil. To jump start this review trend is The Five Fists of Science. I love the characters involved, and the concept of rip-roaring Steampunk adventure. Can it get any better than this! En esta ocasión me topé con The five fists of science, una novela gráfica steampunk escrita por Matt Fraction e ilustrada por Steven Sanders, publicada en el 2006. 1) No anthologies, they're too hard to think about as a whole when it comes to the particulars of the science and/or the sci-fi. "'Five Fists of Science' is the story of genius author Mark Twain and genius inventor Nikola Tesla and their plan to bring about world peace while saving mankind from apocalypse," Fraction explained to CBR News. The Five Fists of Science, starring Mark Twain and Nikola Tesla in a race to save the world from Thomas Edison and J.P Morgan! I immediatelly pre-ordered the book and can't wait to read it. What's cool is that apparently they were good friends IRL. FFS is the brainchild of writer Matt Fraction and artist Steven Sanders. I was lured to this work because of the focus on both Nikola Tesla and Mark Twain fighting evil, but also historical, figures in a pulp pseudo-horror fashion. Synopsis (via GoodReads): True story: in 1899, Mark Twain and Nikola Tesla decided to end war forever.